Huzzah! Bloggiesta! Last year I moved ALL my blogs to wordpress.
Pedro (Plan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize.)


  • Themes
  • Re-organize tags and categories
  • Make a better ‘about me’.

  • Make a blog identity, figure out if it should match up with the cooking blogs. Partially done, I figured it out, know the colors, and roughly what I want, but that’s it.
  • Remove hidden ‘search words’
  • Check if use pictures of external sites and change to own-hosting.
  • Check all pictures for alt-text, these texts are recognized by programs that read out website to blind people, so they can enjoy it too.
  • Remove direct link to Spamantha, add titles to bloglinks.
  • Do mini-challenges!

  • Make links/share buttons to social media.
  • Change ‘open in new tab’ links to regular links. Will probably not do this here until I did EVERYTHING else. I mean. 7 years of blogging to go through. Sheesh!
  • Back-up!
  • Import blogs from VrijVreemd

I just keep adding things here (fix one thing, find 3 more things to fix!). I’ll also post which mini-challenges I will participate in. This post’ll be a sticky, so fellow bloggiestas can easily find it!

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