Bloggiesta Mini-challenges!

FINALLY the list of mini-challenges I want to do. Most of them are cross-blogs, but not all of them, so each blog will have it’s own list.

I love these mini-challenges, so even though I know I won’t finish my bloggiesta to-do I will do my very best to do these, as it’s just for the bloggiesta weekend, officially at least 😉

Make pages! Most important for my cooking and bento-blog but eventually my personal blog will probably have some pages too!

Comment on 20 blogs, learn how to build readers for your blog through commenting!
I got some great pointers on this, but this is mainly to get to now more blogs and interact more with bloggers! I have a small loath against just getting responses via social media, instead of on the blog, so I have to think about how to solve that too!
I think I did it! It’s I think because I stopped tracking it at some point. People started posting their bloggiesta results and of course I checked them out! And commented! So yaaaaay! o/ *o* o/ *o*

Five ways to spiff up your book reviews and Five tips to write a book review faster Now, I don’t write book reviews yet, but these tips make it real easy for me to do so! Because my personal blog will have Goodreads widgets and more books soon! Accepting these challenges will make me prep my blog for reviewing. Done it! Post here.

Sidebar clean up! And a general fix for UeD, which probably means re-doing or getting a new theme. On my personal blog I don’t like how big my tag-cloud is, but overal I don’t think it’s clutter-y, do you?

Freshen up your content. Great post on how to make your blog more interesting and user-friendly! Great to combine with the pages challenge too!

Get social media icons! On my personal blog it will allow people to be the ultimate stalker, on UeD and MdP it will give people a chance to just chat with me and get to know me!

Goodreads challenge
Put up my Goodreads challenge counter and add ‘books I’m reading’. I will now be adding mini-reviews when I update my process in a book, these should turn up in the sidebar as wel.

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