Bloggiesta mini challenge: Mobilize!

I’m a big fan of both WordPress and my Android, so even though I already have an app I felt I needed to do this challenge. I’ve done most mini challenges I wanted to do, but I still have two big ones so.. Anyway, the main reason I wanted to do this is to test the app with adding pictures! I never did that, and all my bloggiesta posts start with a picture of Pedro. By now I know the pic’s URL by heart, but there’s no testing there then huh?

I can easily add a picture with that little icon on the right, but that’s only phone gallery with pictures or screenshots you already took or taking a picture. You can alter size and alignment though, as well as the name.

It seems like you’ll get it as WYSIWYG though, and I’d rather see the code,but that might be settings. You can also post videos and choose a post format, as well as select categories opposed to having to type them. I usually use this app for quick typing down and finishing up at home but the latter might not be necessary!

Laptop edit: The size you enter for your pictures is the size it will actually show up as in your post, so not like with regular WordPress online with the option to enlarge when you click it. I didn’t move the pictures even though I edited them to enlarge, I would put them a bit differently and I could’ve if I was able to see the code. For Pedro I typed out the URL in IMG and he seems to be fine! I’ll play around with it a bit more, but it’s pretty decent!

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