Bloggiesta september 2012

Woohoo! It’s nearly bloggiesta time! The best reason to check out what my blogs need!
I’m actually probably working on my house (floor and wallpaper, yush!) that weekend, but I’m sure I can squeeze some stuff in.

I want to at least do the following:

In progress

Saving for later

  • Print my blog! Don’t have a printer, but PDF-ing it first seems like a good idea.
  • Write alt-texts for my pictures so the vision-impaired can enjoy them too
  • Trace down all none-working pictures.
  • Add buttons to separate the Dutch and English posts and other things for bilingual postings.

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    • I always end up with a to do-list three times longer I intended after visiting other people’s starting line posts! That’s how I always end up with a ‘bloggiesta LONG weekend’ (^_^;)

      Add them to your list, prioritize! There’s a reason it’s every six months, I was supposed to automate backing-up the last round, that’s why there are so many exclamation points! 😆

      Thank you, and good luck to you too!

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