Bookmarks challenge!

This is the 10th hour challenge!

You have two options for your challenge this hour. 1) is to create a bookmark to stick in that book and take a picture of it. This can be paper-folding, illustrating, whatever you like! You could theme it to your book, or just make something pretty (or funny, like the one above). Handmade bookmarks are a great chance to be creative!

Or, if you’d prefer, 2) tell us about what you like to use as bookmarks and why.

My favorite bookmark is one I got for free at my favorite coffee/bagel joint ‘Bagels & Beans’. It has a girl on top of books and a big big cup of coffee. They have HUGE cups of coffee there. I love it. On the backside it says ‘Strong espresso and a good book are the best fuels for the brain.’ Mine still has little teeth marks from when Darwin was a tiny tiny kitten, just a few weeks old. The same marks are in the cover of my ‘Twelve wild swans’. He sure did love biting.

I will be making some bookmarks this weekend! Some simple paperclip page markers I’ve been wanting to make for quite a while! (and that also makes it a #pinitdoit candidate!) I’ve also seen a ‘few’ (easy) felt bookmarks over on pinterest which I really want to make! But I’ll be doing those tomorrow and will add the pictures later, so that won’t really matter for the challenge, which closes in a little over 2 hours. But if you’re curious, save this page and check back, or follow me on my twitter!

Update: A picture of the unfinished bookmark has been posted here.

p.s. On the note of books and paper, anyone else eye-ing this DIY Librarian set?

DIY Library kit – because I always lend them out but never know where the heck my books went! And, well, any excuse for awesome office supplies?

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