Read-a-thon mini-challenge! GTFO!

It’s been 8 hours and many mini-challenges have passed, only this was one I really wanted to do!

Get out for a five minute walk! Water the grass. Smell the roses. Do some cartwheels in the park across the street. Chase a car. Dance in the rain. Get out your skateboard and do a trick. Ride your bike to the corner and back. I don’t really care what you choose to do with this break as long as you get outside, and get your blood moving again!

I already had a break to eat and move 2 hours ago, did some yoga, and sat on my balcony for a while, but going out for a mini-stroll seemed like a good idea.

So I put down my witchy book (at my second book now, Practical Magic!), put my witchy shoes on, got out, followed by Darwin, walked with him around the hallways (and chased him back inside!), went downstairs, got my bike, got harassed, ignored the drunken lot, took a side-exit, got some gummi bears, back home, harassed again, sat down and called the police.

I’m a bit shook up but fine, they were just shouting and banging the windows. But I didn’t feel safe and this has happened before, so..It’s he 9th hour pretty darn soon and I still haven’t restarted my read, so I’ll be getting back to that! With some tea to go with my gummis. Hopefully that painkiller I took to be able to do this won’t wear out for a while! Back to the book! (It’s veeeery different than the movie, but fun!)

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