Sunday’s in bed with…Tolkien

So, I didn’t do this last weeks (and I was sleeping awake, rather then reading) but I am now!
I actually planned to be in bed with a book all day, but then it was sunny for the first time in days so I removed the really sad tomato plants from my balcony, which now in it’s turn is very sad. But! I have been reading a bit. I totally forgot I didn’t completely finish ‘The Hobbit’ during the read-a-thon so I’m doing that now! And during the read-a-thon I had an audio book, so it took me a while to find where-ever the freck I was, turns out: I missed a lot more discs than I thought. So, page 157/233 now. Will finish this tonight or tomorrow morning, depending how much longer the Vlogbrothers will distract me. Red poster with on top the English crown. There is bold font saying And soon SOON there will be a movie and I need to go see it in the theater because that’s what you do with HP and LOTR!

What are you reading? Tell me in the comments, doesn’t have to be long!

p.s. I made a typo on a Minute Physics video, saying DFBTA and it got top comment…Of course it did 😆 . Someone suggested it meant “Don’t Forget! Buy the apples!”, that person most definitely is a nerdfighter.

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