Sundays in bed with…Ronald Giphart and Tarot

I went to the hospital for my the removal of two of my remaining wisdom teeth this Friday. I’m doing alright, it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated, but I’m terrified of the dentist, hospitals, needles and have a bad relationship with sounds. So this was one fun packed trip. The assistent/nurse held my hand for the sedation and the sounds were horrible though most of the procedure was painless, apart from the ‘picking the roots out’. I’m still swollen pretty bad but it’s shrinking and I had some solids today (break dunked in soup and some super soft brownies I made) and the painkillers are now actually sufficient, so doing pretty great!
Thursday I will be going to a reading from my favorite Dutch author, he will be in ‘my’ library, hopefully I will not still look like a hamster. I did a review on one of his books here. So for that occasion I’m re-reading my favorite books, starting with the first book I read from him when I was a teen: ‘Phileine zegt sorry‘ (Phileine says (I’m) sorry, it’s a movie too now! Or, for quite a while. Getting older!). I will hopefully finish this soon so I can read a bit more. Unfortunately I can’t get my hands on his newest book before Thursday, or I would be reading that. If I weren’t so sedated I’d be fangirling so much right now! I’ll be bringing my ‘Phileine’ to get it signed, hopefully. I want to bring all my books, but that just seems selfish. I can’t, right? 😆 My new tarot book also arrived: Tarot for Your Self by Mary K. Greer. YAAAAAY!
I’ve been looking up this book in Google books endlessly. Ingrid owns a copy and she told me about some exercises and things in this book and I fell in love. It’s about learning more about yourself and insights with the cards, rather than studying ‘set’ meanings. That’s not how tarot works for me. I copied her insights in the three card spread in my diary (or grimoire, whatever you want to call it) but because I looked it up I felt I had to buy it. I’m all for sharing online and information for all, I do download, but I said it before: If something can change me, I genuinely feel enriched by someone’s product I buy it. CD’s, DVD’s, books, games, programmes, etc. I see the online (pirated) version as a try out. And I had a coupon for €10 off so double win!

I still have some spreads (not from the book) to share, but I’ve been so occupied lately I haven’t done much new spread. And I’m on antibiotics now, will have my last wisdom tooth removed the 20th with a new round of antibiotics so I will have zero immune system in winter so will probably get sick a lot. On top of that I will probably start therapie at Second Care soon (way more positive about that, so much going on I can’t really share it all, but comes down to prepping me to be functional again, maybe looking at volunteer work and/or BACK TO SCHOOL! so that’s sorted). They warned me that the first few weeks and maybe months will shake me up, making everything worse. Pain, fatigue, mental state, etc. But I’m familiar with (psychological) therapy and with training my muscles with fibro, so that’s no surprise. I’m dreading it though, maybe because I know.
I have no idea how everything will go, but I think I should make ‘staying sundays in bed with a book’ a new rule. Be lazy, on purpose. I have every possibility to do so yet I never do, though I really want it. Maybe this meme will help me a bit 🙂 .

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