2013 mini winter bloggiesta! Starting line

bloggiesta logo PedroI know I’ve been MIA for a while, but it looks like the days are finally long and bright enough for me to..well..Function! Tomorrow’s Imbolc and my hands are itching to clean, sort, renovate, etc. But I have to hold my horses a bit as it’s the first day in a week I’m not feeling too ill to stand up. But that’s alright, because there’s a mini-bloggiesta-weekend! Just 4 mini-challenges, a little patch-up, a little back to basic.
I have no idea what’s in store, but I have a teen here who I’m helping with his profielwerkstuk, a practical assignment much like a thesis for high school seniors, so that’s my main focus today. And I want to make candles tomorrow 😉

So blog-wise I’ll be checking out the mini-challenges and hopefully plan in some posts on the foodblogs (which now have their own URLS! metdepaplepel.nl & uiteendoosje.nl!), and here because I didn’t do the ‘Sundays in bed with..’ meme for a while, and I’ve got lots to tell in general!

Let’s get started! 😀


  • Fix that asdfhkgh Pin it-button on my foodblogs! Update! It seems to be the communication between Pinterest and my host Versio, so I’ll be sending in a ticket to Pinterest and contact my host!
  • Mini-challenge: Comment love!
  • Mini-challenge basics: Clean up! Mainly making one recipe format on Met de Paplepel, the rest is random odds and ends!
  • Make a recipe index for Met de Paplepel
  • Schedule all the posts!
  • Participate in chat?! 4 AM‽ Well, turns out I’m awake anyway. Frikking body threw a fit 😛
  • Look into the new look! Though there won’t be a new look this weekend, all my blogs are going to change and have a more personal and coordinated look. A lot of work, but getting my basics done this weekend would be amazing!
  • Read read and read some more! Got some catching up to do! 7 books in my ‘currently reading’-list ;>_> and over half of them need to go back home to the library!

I will be updating on this within this post, instead of making separate posts like I did in other bloggiesta editions. To prevent a bloggiesta overflow on my blogs 😉

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  1. *waves* Hello! So Imbolc is tomorrow? I am celebrating it today 😀 Going to plant some seeds in small pots and I will make pancakes and light a lot of candles tonight 🙂

    Good Bloggiesta 🙂

    • Yes it is! Astronomically though, standing date is usually 2nd februari. Sounds like a good way to spend your Imbolc! I’ll be working on my balcony too if I have the energy, and will be sorting through my seeds! (^_^;)

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