Dewey’s 24h#readathon challenges!

I decided on having a separate post for ALL the challenges, so not one per challenge so not to flood ones following me via RSS tomorrow morning, but keeping the intro meme/bookpile post separate. We’re in hour 10, and I think I haven’t even read for two hours total. But, groceries done, fixed my kitchen drain, FINALLY able to do the dishes, vacuumed and did all those things needed to be done but that could technically wait. Found my reading-focus though, especially when switching from ‘Game of Thrones’ to ‘Catcher in the rye’, I’m afraid I’ll be saying goddam sonuvabitch a lot after reading it though! πŸ˜†

Read-a-thon challenge 1

was the intro meme, you can find it here.

Read-a-thon challenge 4

Too late to participate, but reading ‘Catcher in the rye’ would either be ‘Goddam sonuvabitch’ or ‘Hey, Listen!’

Read-a-thon challenge 5


What is in the background might say more about me than my picture πŸ˜‰ #catlady #coffee #wegotcookies

Despite the ‘Book appetite’ challenge was totally my thing, I forgot to do it because I was fixing my kitchen sink-thing! But, I was reading ‘Game of Thrones’ so…Lion bao filled with venison 😈 (Personally I’d stick Joffrey hismelf in), dragonfruit sorbet, wolf bite shooter? I dunno, didn’t give it much thought because of reasons (^_^;)

Read-a-thon challenge 9

Yoga! I was planning to do yoga, but this was a good reminder!
Expanded mountain pose, added plank, cobra, upward dog, dolphin and warrior pose and spinal twist. And my back REALLY needed the latter. Was about 15 minutes or so, and will do my full solar salutation when the sun rises! πŸ˜€

I also took a picture with my webcam, really odd to look at myself!

Ardha matsyendrasana. One day I’ll remember that. Right?

My back popped a lot in the spinal twist! Readathon stiffness! And I was in front of my bookcase too. Hah! But that felt really good ^_^
I need to get back into yoga because dangit, just couldn’t bend my elbow because my arm would slip! Ok, I couldn’t ease into it because I had to hit my camera button, but still!
And, you know, just because it’s awesome and feels good πŸ˜› .
Wish I fixed my hair before the picture though. A bun. Or hair clip. Anything!

1am, pages read: 134. Aaaaayyye! But, whatever. I can read when I want to, my house is clean-ish and I get to talk to people and do fun challenges! I wonder if the ‘stroll outside’ or something will pop up again around 3/4am πŸ˜› .

Read-a-thon challenge 11

Picture it!
Where am I reading? Well, I used to be on the chair, but I joined the snoring/sleeping Bolle.

Got my mug-with-sweater with rooibos tea, still have the coffee cookies and will soon have a nap!

Read-a-thon challenge 12

Mid-Event Survey!

1) How are you doing? Sleepy? Are your eyes tired?
I actually just sorta kinda started to get into it, and just took a shower. I’ve ben doing chores all day because I couldn’t focus on the reading when there were things to be done! But after the yoga and shower I’m alright! Just some meds, food, a nap and tea and I’ll be going again!
2) What have you finished reading?
NOTHING. πŸ™ I’m halfway through ‘Catcher in the Rye’ which I suspect to finish quickly, stopped in the Game of Thrones after only 31 pages and after this I will read..Uhm..I don’t know yet!
3) What is your favorite read so far?
Funny enough, Game of Thrones! But I just didn’t have the focus for all the names etc!
4) What about your favorite snacks?
Chocolate miiiilk! And I only had dinner, a banana and some ‘CafΓ© noir’ espresso biscuits.

5) Have you found any new blogs through the readathon? If so, give them some love!
Nooooo, I still have to do that! But found some lovely catladies of readathon on Instagram! πŸ˜€

Read-a-thon challenge 13

Cookbookify a book title and add a description!

Oh man so many options and my brain just doesn’t want to start again! It’s 5am, had a nap, but will need more soon! And I want to read before that too, so here it goes. Options:
The fault in our jars (salt in our jars? I bet even that would make me cry..), An abundance of mandarines (guy eating only mandarines as fruits his entire life, tries to figure out the perfect formula to determine when they’re at their best?), House of leafs (Biggest salad EVER – made with some ingredients that may or may not exist), Scarlet batter (sinfully good – red velvet recipes and more?), Through the cooking glass (Jar all the things, things you can’t even imagine!), Lord of the..uh..fries? (Using what you already have to make the best fried dishes! Also, bacon!)
I can’t decide! And, I have to figure out a book introduction (that matches the original plot) for the one I pick, so…
Oh! I could also do ‘The catcher in the rye bread’!

Sick of your neighbor showing up with her perfect artisan loafs at parties, shaming your unsophisticated pop-can biscuits? Never fail and be disappointed by complicated snobby recipes again – start being in control every step of your bread-making process. This books talks you through the steps of making a rye sourdough starter, using the wild yeast all around us to get it going and the perfect condition for it to flourish. It will explain you how to keep your child-starter alive indefinitely, and revive it if necessary. It includes many uses for your starter, not just a loaf of bread! You won’t need anything else! Even if you’ve failed breadmaking many times, this is so easy a child could do it. No one will ever defame you again! So fight your inner demons and get started – now!

Read-a-thon challenge 14

Share a quote from the book you’re reading!

Ugh, choices! I won’t say they made a big impression on me, but at least it made me giggle:

β€œIt’s really too bad that so much crumby stuff is a lot of fun sometimes.”

So yeah, this is about liking girls, respecting them if you like them and sexual fantasies. Or, something. Either way, he thinks about that if you really like someone (a girl), you shouldn’t spray water in her face. Or something πŸ˜‰ . It is preceded by this:

“Sometimes I can think of very crumby stuff I wouldn’t mind doing if the opportunity came up. I can even see how it might be quite a lot of fun, in a crumby way, and if you were both sort of drunk and all, to get a girl and squirt water or something all over each other’s face. The thing is, though, I don’t like the idea. It stinks, if you analyze it.”

Don’t be too hard on yourself kid, if you find a girl who likes to get water or something squirted all over her face and you want to squirt water or something all over her face and you both decide that’s ok, go for it. πŸ˜†

Ok, it’s time for my nap and some coffee I think. (^_^;)
Oh, the Hour 16 mini-challenge!

Challenge 16

Turn to page 32 in your book and fill in “I would rather read than ________ any day!”

I would rather read than sneak a look to see what he was fiddling around with on my chiffonier any day!

Ok, I’m done. πŸ˜† (Funny thing is that in the book, he was actually reading and making sure he was NOT looking up from his book. =’) “With a guy like Ackley, if you looked up from your book you were a goner. [..] He just wanted me to quit reading and enjoying myself.”)

I skipped the cranky hours for the part of the read-a-thon where I read the internet. And get confused:

“What is air?”

Read-a-thon challenge 19

Moooore. Naaaaaps. Coffeeeeee. -.-

8.30 am, here’s the Hour 19 challenge, Sami’s picture break

To the right: reading. Barely read, so the rest is for..later? I have about 4 cookies left, didn’t snack much! Had lots of tea though, and now having my second coffee!