Pin it and DO IT (May 2013)

link to the link-up post Ah! Another Pin it Do it! And yes, I do realize it’s the 10th of June, but I have been participating, yet never made a start-up post or update, just been doin’! And that’s what it about I guess. I’ve been way more productive than in other months actually. So, let’s get listin’, in no particular order:

(To check the links, don’t forget to ctrl/cmd-click for a new tab! Bonus tip, use ctrl/cmd+tab or +number to go through the tabs if you open multiple!)

Stuff I did

  • Made some oven dried bananas. And I start with this because it was a fail. It states in the recipe you don’t need the lemon juice (I expected them to be a bit brown and I did use SOME) but they didn’t say they’d turn gummy. I guess my oven temp was too low. I dunno. I’ve waited 1,5 weeks for my bananas to be ‘old’ because I love baked bananas! πŸ˜†
  • A bigger succes were my apple banana breads. I will share my recipe, because I recommend using half, a quarter or possible even none of the sugar used in this recipe! Great way to use leftover fruit though, and I had exactly the right amount! Makes 2 banana loafs though. MUCH MUCH banana bread. Will probably freeze well, in muffin portions, for breakfast. [stomachgrowl]
  • The amount of toilet rolls I collected and cut… πŸ˜† I will be testing these toilet roll seedling pots the next seedling round. I’ve used halved rolls before, head’s up: They want to fall apart! (which is a good thing, decomposing and all). Use full rolls for beans and peas, they’ll love you!
  • I’ve done a Beltaine tarot spread (Dutch) I got via Ingrid and saved on Pinterest. Is this cheating? Don’t care, I wanted to share the spread because it was AWESOME!
  • I covered one tiny pea-jar lid with scrap/wrapping paper I got with a magazine! Planning to do more this way, using a none-tacky-ish finish πŸ™„
  • Kidneybean 'meat'balls pita!I made amazing kidney bean ‘meatballs’ (vegan!) which was inspired by I believe this pin.
  • I dug up the jeans that ripped in winter for the day it’ll finally turn warm (FINALLY! ) and added a lace trim and frays all over the place. (+2!) (It’s done, but still waiting for the fray! Caution! Fattitude 😎 )
  • I finally had a justification for not tossing those plastic packing peanuts (oh myyyy the alliteration ) just before the finish line with this pin which I used to put a glass planter with peas for sprouts in my windowsill. Because I like salads that are a bit odd. (C-c-c-combo breaker!)
  • I’ve made (though not yet filled) a double hanging basket and will actually make another one. This one will hold peas/nasturtiums in the top one, the bottom will have ‘cut and come again’ lettuce in the bottom (in a mix of shapes and colors! πŸ˜€ ). Or the other way round, or I (and the sun)’ll have to go through a curtain to reach the leaves! πŸ˜† For the other one I’ll either put in a white/round yellow/regular-ish cucumber or round zucchini in the top, and [something else that needs sunlight a lot] in the bottom one. πŸ˜› I think some companion flowers for the squashes and capsicums/tomatoes. I will water them with the help of this nifty trick I somehow didn’t think of using in a basket? (I water my tomatoes with a little pot in the soil, like this.) (+2! πŸ˜€ )
  • I’m already quite thrifty and I recycle a lot, but I’ve upped it a bit again this month! I’m saving egg shells and used coffee grounds as well as kitchen scraps for fertilizing/soil amendement/natural pest repellent/etc, and have more ‘quick compost’ with the compost smoothies (though it still feels uck! Even with ‘fresh scraps’) but also restarted my balcony composting, hopefully it’ll go a bit better than it went last year with the tips I read! =’) (+5!)
  • I still want to make a bug hotel but this is an easy one! Just string up something tubular and stick some sweet stuff in it. Especially raisins! (you can even use a loo paper roll, even better if you cut one or two lengthwise, roll it up and put it in another one)
  • Nearly forgot one! Veeery important! Using a bobby pin to hold down your strawberries’ runners! πŸ˜† It is a lovely kind of strawberry I have though. It blooms in bright pink!

The pink blossoming strawberry plant, from the garden center.

Stuff I still want to do/finish

  • I want a Pond! No, this pond! (Sorry I had to. (Not sorry) Whovians, salute! πŸ˜›
  • I got a pallet for lots of things! go? (I only have a bike/public transport/friends. And I don’t want to ask even more of them! (Because they’d do it and they’ve been helping out a lot in the past year already ^_^ )
    Turning lots of pallets into lots of things, like more vertical gardening (seriously, I’ll have a busy summer with my Balcony Gardening plans!, a kitty playground with catnip, grass with a bed in the middle and a ladder (like this?) for them to get on and off the balcony easier.
  • This flowers-in-the-grass-with-‘bare feet welcome’-sign is a ‘halfway done’. Suddenly, no fluffy green yarn to be found ANYWHERE! =( And we all like walking barefoot! It’s healthier! And..Dangit.
  • Another half-done as the coasters were continually out of stock! But I got some now! πŸ˜€ Now, where did I put my paint pens…
  • Doing the thing that is gross but useful and free! Making ‘nettle soup‘ as a fertilizer for plants that are ‘demanding’. (Like tomatoes, leeks, brassicas, cucumbers and courgettes) I say soup, but it’s collecting stinging nettles, cut them up, add (rain)water and let it sit in a closed bin in the sun for two weeks. Stirring occasionally. On the other hand, spending an obscene amount of money on liquid seaweed and the likes doesn’t seem that bad. πŸ˜› πŸ™„
  • Carrots in a bottle. Because it’s awesome to see things grow, especially with the rainbow of colors I’ll be using (as soon as it pops up, that is)
  • Did I mention I’m thrifty? The tops of the bottles will be used as cloches!
  • Instead of recycling my paper turning them into seed starters and seed paper tags.
  • Got clay for snails and snail and paw prints. They’re getting old, feeling ‘rushed’ a bit. It was on my Christmas list but then surgery happened!
  • Make this lovely tower of terracotta pots for vertical gardening

And so much more! I know this is a huuuuuge list, and I’m doing/want to do even more. My dynamic (meaning: If I’ve done it, I’ll move it to a regular board, and I keep adding stuff) #PinitDoit board is right here.
I’m done listin’ πŸ˜‰ Goodnight!

{ Pinned it, did it: 1819! (Or, 20β…›.) Holy πŸ˜• hock: }