Pin it and DO IT (May 2013)

link to the link-up post Ah! Another Pin it Do it! And yes, I do realize it’s the 10th of June, but I have been participating, yet never made a start-up post or update, just been doin’! And that’s what it about I guess. I’ve been way more productive than in other months actually. So, let’s get listin’, in no particular order:

(To check the links, don’t forget to ctrl/cmd-click for a new tab! Bonus tip, use ctrl/cmd+tab or +number to go through the tabs if you open multiple!)

Stuff I did

  • Made some oven dried bananas. And I start with this because it was a fail. It states in the recipe you don’t need the lemon juice (I expected them to be a bit brown and I did use SOME) but they didn’t say they’d turn gummy. I guess my oven temp was too low. I dunno. I’ve waited 1,5 weeks for my bananas to be ‘old’ because I love baked bananas! 😆
  • A bigger succes were my apple banana breads. I will share my recipe, because I recommend using half, a quarter or possible even none of the sugar used in this recipe! Great way to use leftover fruit though, and I had exactly the right amount! Makes 2 banana loafs though. MUCH MUCH banana bread. Will probably freeze well, in muffin portions, for breakfast. [stomachgrowl]
  • The amount of toilet rolls I collected and cut… 😆 I will be testing these toilet roll seedling pots the next seedling round. I’ve used halved rolls before, head’s up: They want to fall apart! (which is a good thing, decomposing and all). Use full rolls for beans and peas, they’ll love you!
  • I’ve done a Beltaine tarot spread (Dutch) I got via Ingrid and saved on Pinterest. Is this cheating? Don’t care, I wanted to share the spread because it was AWESOME!
  • I covered one tiny pea-jar lid with scrap/wrapping paper I got with a magazine! Planning to do more this way, using a none-tacky-ish finish 🙄
  • Kidneybean 'meat'balls pita!I made amazing kidney bean ‘meatballs’ (vegan!) which was inspired by I believe this pin.
  • I dug up the jeans that ripped in winter for the day it’ll finally turn warm (FINALLY! ) and added a lace trim and frays all over the place. (+2!) (It’s done, but still waiting for the fray! Caution! Fattitude 😎 )
  • I finally had a justification for not tossing those plastic packing peanuts (oh myyyy the alliteration ) just before the finish line with this pin which I used to put a glass planter with peas for sprouts in my windowsill. Because I like salads that are a bit odd. (C-c-c-combo breaker!)
  • I’ve made (though not yet filled) a double hanging basket and will actually make another one. This one will hold peas/nasturtiums in the top one, the bottom will have ‘cut and come again’ lettuce in the bottom (in a mix of shapes and colors! 😀 ). Or the other way round, or I (and the sun)’ll have to go through a curtain to reach the leaves! 😆 For the other one I’ll either put in a white/round yellow/regular-ish cucumber or round zucchini in the top, and [something else that needs sunlight a lot] in the bottom one. 😛 I think some companion flowers for the squashes and capsicums/tomatoes. I will water them with the help of this nifty trick I somehow didn’t think of using in a basket? (I water my tomatoes with a little pot in the soil, like this.) (+2! 😀 )
  • I’m already quite thrifty and I recycle a lot, but I’ve upped it a bit again this month! I’m saving egg shells and used coffee grounds as well as kitchen scraps for fertilizing/soil amendement/natural pest repellent/etc, and have more ‘quick compost’ with the compost smoothies (though it still feels uck! Even with ‘fresh scraps’) but also restarted my balcony composting, hopefully it’ll go a bit better than it went last year with the tips I read! =’) (+5!)
  • I still want to make a bug hotel but this is an easy one! Just string up something tubular and stick some sweet stuff in it. Especially raisins! (you can even use a loo paper roll, even better if you cut one or two lengthwise, roll it up and put it in another one)
  • Nearly forgot one! Veeery important! Using a bobby pin to hold down your strawberries’ runners! 😆 It is a lovely kind of strawberry I have though. It blooms in bright pink!

The pink blossoming strawberry plant, from the garden center.

Stuff I still want to do/finish

  • I want a Pond! No, this pond! (Sorry I had to. (Not sorry) Whovians, salute! 😛
  • I got a pallet for lots of things! go? (I only have a bike/public transport/friends. And I don’t want to ask even more of them! (Because they’d do it and they’ve been helping out a lot in the past year already ^_^ )
    Turning lots of pallets into lots of things, like more vertical gardening (seriously, I’ll have a busy summer with my Balcony Gardening plans!, a kitty playground with catnip, grass with a bed in the middle and a ladder (like this?) for them to get on and off the balcony easier.
  • This flowers-in-the-grass-with-‘bare feet welcome’-sign is a ‘halfway done’. Suddenly, no fluffy green yarn to be found ANYWHERE! =( And we all like walking barefoot! It’s healthier! And..Dangit.
  • Another half-done as the coasters were continually out of stock! But I got some now! 😀 Now, where did I put my paint pens…
  • Doing the thing that is gross but useful and free! Making ‘nettle soup‘ as a fertilizer for plants that are ‘demanding’. (Like tomatoes, leeks, brassicas, cucumbers and courgettes) I say soup, but it’s collecting stinging nettles, cut them up, add (rain)water and let it sit in a closed bin in the sun for two weeks. Stirring occasionally. On the other hand, spending an obscene amount of money on liquid seaweed and the likes doesn’t seem that bad. 😛 🙄
  • Carrots in a bottle. Because it’s awesome to see things grow, especially with the rainbow of colors I’ll be using (as soon as it pops up, that is)
  • Did I mention I’m thrifty? The tops of the bottles will be used as cloches!
  • Instead of recycling my paper turning them into seed starters and seed paper tags.
  • Got clay for snails and snail and paw prints. They’re getting old, feeling ‘rushed’ a bit. It was on my Christmas list but then surgery happened!
  • Make this lovely tower of terracotta pots for vertical gardening

And so much more! I know this is a huuuuuge list, and I’m doing/want to do even more. My dynamic (meaning: If I’ve done it, I’ll move it to a regular board, and I keep adding stuff) #PinitDoit board is right here.
I’m done listin’ 😉 Goodnight!

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