Mini Bloggiesta!

It’s that time again! Not a full blown bloggiesta, but a mini version! And we all like things mini don’t we? Well, you should!
I’ve already been super busy with my blog the past few weeks. I’ve been moving to a new domain, fixing images (ongoing), sorting through categories to move it partially, adding a warning to some ;-), turning a page into a category (failing on looks), fixing the flaws in my theme. And adding one. I accidentallied a space (you know, what you get when pushing your spacebar) in front of some code (the opening Mini Bloggiesta Mini Challenges, you can find it here.

In progress
Finished! o/


Behind the scenes
  • Sort through those 735 posts and assign correct categories and check the links/images – won’t finish, but if I do a load it’ll be alright! Somehow I did it all 😮
  • Fix header missing a space
  • Favicon in root
  • Move images → change directories in posts
  • Fix that Pry-V page and add a ShowOnce warning
  • Sleep well (thus not participating in the 4am chat 😉 ) – FAIL!
  • Poke around for errors on my blog / 404 hunting I did it 😮 For all ~700 posts. 😮 The broken link plugin was awesome for detecting!
  • Bloggiesta in the suuuun. #Blogsiesta
  • Clean out my Pocket It only got worse! 😆
  • Contemplate merge MdP/UeD Will merge, part of a way bigger project now! Excitement! 😀
  • Make a contact form
  • Fix LJ-comments
  • Fix RSS button!
  • Update my About page!
  • Make Tex-Mex food and share the recipe!/Collect bloggiesta recipes – Made food, not blogworthy. Collect #bloggiesta recipes?
  • Provide support for challenge-participants or others that ask!
  • Spam the #bloggiesta
  • Mini-challenges!
Old mini-challenges I might do:

I’d say that’s plenty! 😆

What are you planning to do? Checked out the old challenges or sticking to the new ones? Or none at all?

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for linking to my commenting mini-challenge in your blog. You have quite a list of things to do. You are brave to attempt a vlog, I am too shy to tackle that. I did the Through a Visitor’s Eyes and signing up for affiliates during the last Bloggiesta and they were very helpful. I need to work on my SEO for images so I will be sure to stop by your challenge and get that straightened out! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • No problem! I think it’s easier for my readers who are curious about the challenge/want to do it too. One less hurdle to take, so to speak.
      I think I’ve done the ‘Through the visitor’s eye’ too, but I thought it was a good thing to do a check-up, there were some great pointers there! Just jog my memory. I’ve attempted to become a book depository affiliate a couple of times, but the website didn’t seem to properly load 🙁

      I’ve been an active vlogger before, but I stopped at some point because my being ill got in the way, now I deleted everything and wanted to start over. Scripted and properly edited (am lucky enough to have a filmmaker as a friend 😉 ). I see this as a good oppurtunity to start again!

      Good luck with your SEO (and the rest of your list!) and let me know if anything’s unclear or I can lend a hand 😀 You have a splendid weekend too! ^__^

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