I made a video when I had a my lengthy breakfast here (2 käsebrötchen) this morning, but it disappeared in Instagram limbo. I have this photo though.

White Kronan bicycle with wicker basket next to a winding staircase with a love seat bench on top to unwind, surrounded by grass trees and shrubberies. The spiral staircase is three times as high as the bike.
I don’t know how long I sat there, somewhere between 30 minutes or an hour, maybe. I was in no hurry, this close to home.

Sitting in this bench on the top of a winding staircase I recorded a big skein of geese flying overhead and breaking formation to land, birds of prey, two flying swans, wild horses and their two young running and playing around, something running through the tall grass, making it sway. Many many bird sounds – many sounds in general, lots of it I didn’t recognize (what bird sounds like a dog’s squeaky toy‽). Butterflies, a pheasant was startled by me, making me feel like the hunter from Bambi. Dangling bare feet, a moment of serenity in half lotus. All that in 15 seconds of footage, you can imagine how I lost track of time.

People from the narrow (bicycle) path in front of me cheerfully wished me a good morning, sometimes after I greeted them first – most surprised someone actually sat there, forester included. Glad to bring a smile to their faces! One person asked if I was doing an animal count, many expressing their jealousy. I wondered how often they’d gone past this wonderful seat, and the many others that are in De Balij, the Balijbos. Do you allow yourself a few minutes? Do you dare?

Don’t be jealous.
Just take a moment, your moment. Unwind. 🙂

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