Bloggiesta Fall 2013 Starting line – ¿Olé?

Bloggiesta logo pedro
The Bloggiesta mascot: Pedro (Plan, edit, develop, review, organize.)

I think I can safely say I’m getting better though breathing is still challenging and muscles still aching. Influenzaaaaaaa -shakes fist-) and here’s hoping I can “normally” participate in this Bloggiesta event! Not feeling quite ready to “Yay!” just yet, but good enough to blog, sorta, kinda, obviously. *ahum*

Anyway, to-do list! 😀

Bloggiesta goals:

Knees deep in sh-CSS/codecetera
  • Check and change faulty coloring in theme If you still see any, please let me know! If they’re there, I can’t see them anymore @_@
  • Talk sternly to style.css for allowing the sidebar to sodomize the footer Have reprimanded it, has yet to be convinced to stop doing it.
  • Fix dat footer
  • Fix dat overly enthusiastic tag cloud harassing my footer
  • Figure out why my social media icons are freaking out and making pyramids and stuff My ad block plus, blocking social media icons. 😆
  • Shrink social media icons
  • Remove some social media icons
  • Create new favicon o/
  • Put favicon in root o/
  • Fix dat Pry-V page and add a ShowOnce warning
  • Edit Goodreads ‘currently reading’ widget
  • Waste even more time by having to reupload my theme and fix the child-theme+fonts and sit in a corner an weep for being a st00pid inattentive n00b!
  • Add max. revisions to code!
  • Repairs and optimisation

For the spammers!
  • Make a TinyAbout for the sidebar/footer
  • Waste some extra time in gimp making a circular picture for said TinyAbout
  • Edit Goodreads profile
  • Integrate social media commenting
  • Make a Bloglovin’ profile!
  • Update Bloglovin’ info
  • Link to Bloglovin’ in icons
  • Let the ‘No diet talk’ page lead to info page
  • Make a ‘Rules of Engagement’
  • Add Creative Commons license! Derp!
  • Visit other blogs, comment, hugs all around!
Organasize, plan and other fun!
  • Supah Secret Bloggiesta Craft!
  • Do not forget what Supah Secret Bloggiesta Craft is
  • Announce the merge on Uit een Doosje
  • Make a recipe template for Met de Paplepel
  • Make a ‘Bento/Lunch’ page on MdP for UeD posts
  • Make a blogging schedule
  • Clean out Pocket (ooooh dear) I DID IT! “Just” the Bloggiesta stuff and some resources left! cheerleader emoticon
  • Check what was left to do from the mini-event and add it over myah
  • Check for broken links – maintenance! 😀
  • Participate in a chat but get proper sleep. You’re ill Cy-V! – 11pm Sunday – afterparty? 😛
  • Miraculously get cured from influenzaaaaa *shakes fist*
  • Check mah back-ups, don’t want them to be failing!
  • Check out Pagan blog project, #PinitDoit and other events!
  • Plan my 365!
  • Mini-challenges! 😀

Bloggiesta Mini-challenges:

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    • Thank you! I used to have a blogging schedule, but things got so hectic I stopped blogging altogether for a while.
      Picked that up, so best to make the habit as easy as possible!

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