1337 haxx0r skillz

Last night I dreamt I had some 1337 haxx0r skillz. Or at least someone or something tried to convince me (I remember a post-it?).
It felt like someone trying to tell you you have boobs, despite never having boobs, yet if you look down you seem to have boobs, but even in-dream I couldn’t be totally convinced.
Now, boobs I definitely do have, but you get my point!

So, I’ve been doing some minor work on my blog and this is how my brain processes. Might also have something to do with a comment Dama left on a common friend’s Facebook regarding being on Facebook (he’s in China), but WHOA brain. Eaaaasy now.

So, yeah, bloggiesta! Showing my 1337 haxx0r skillz. Obviously. I didn’t do big visible alterations, but somewhere last night I noticed I’ve been doing some major ballsing up behind the scenes.

Yeaaaaah. So that was nice. Luckily my theme file could easily be replaced in my ftp, I’ve moved/replaced the edited files into my child theme, fixed the font and color error I suddenly had and I haven’t noticed any further issues so far. Fingers crossed!

Sleeping was troublesome as my body is now eradicating the remnants of my influenzaaaaa (*shakes fist*), mostly from my lungs, which meant I had ‘extra time’ to work on my blog. So, lots of things done, mostly minor, but also things that have been on my to-do way too long. So unfortunately I still can’t cross miraculously curing myself off the list, but getting there, and also got this done:

Bloggiesta: Done!

Naturally I’ve added a lot more things to my list (cross one, add two? Should be the bloggiesta motto!), but Bloggiesta is also about the week long after party. Dat jus’ how we roll.

So as you can see I’ve been doing a lot! From the stupid (figuring out that my social media icons weren’t showing because I told my adblock to block social media buttons and not because of an actual problem 🙄 ) to the clever (adding a line of code that prevents a metric ton of revisions to be saved in my database. o/) via just messing about with circular profile pictures and favicons. Favicon! o/

I’ve removed some social media icons and shrunk them down, obviously now have the most amazing favicon ever (TEA! o/ ) which is in root, fixed the footer issues, checked theme for coloring issues (and then again after reinstall), updated various user profiles, wrote a new short about-me (‘TinyAbout!’) and added it to the footer. I checked my database if repair or optimization was necessary (WP said it wasn’t), activated my Bloglovin’ profile, updated my info and added a link to my social media icons (should still contact them to remove old domains from their database), edited my Goodreads ‘currently reading’ plugin, updated all blogs, deactivated/removed and/or replaced plugins, announced the merge with Met de Paplepel on Uit een Doosje, fixed broken links, checked and double checked if back-ups are still working, I should save the most recent on my HD and did three mini-challenges!

I will test two new plugins, Evergreen Post Tweeter on my recipe blog “Met de Paplepel” and the Editorial Calendar. I’ve combined the Pocket-challenge and the Digital Declutter-challenge and deluttered my Pocket (w0000000000t o/ ), Evernote and Blog-bookmarks. Also removed install/theme files from my downloads folder. Aaaaah, space! 😀 And organized chaos!

Gee, I wonder what I will write about soon! 🙄 😛

Now, I’m off to The Hague to see Ingrid and Marius + kids (and presumably Bril!) to have a Mabon dinner! (And hugs. HUUUGS! ALL THE HUGS! o/ )

Next up for Bloggiesta: Planning/brainstorming/scheduling posts!

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