Fall 2013 Bloggiesta Finish Line and remnants

Aaaaand a late finish line post as per usual. But I’m still continuing anyway! Remember, it’s a week long afterparty!

#Bloggiestaaferparty! Just saying! 😉

Bloggiesta goals I done did!

  • Check and change faulty coloring in theme If you still see any, please let me know! If they’re there, I can’t see them anymore @_@
  • Fix dat footer
  • Figure out why my social media icons are freaking out and making pyramids and stuff My ad block plus, blocking social media icons. 😆
  • Shrink social media icons
  • Remove some social media icons
  • Create new favicon o/
  • Put favicon in root o/
  • Edit Goodreads ‘currently reading’ widget
  • Waste even more time by having to reupload my theme and fix the child-theme+fonts and sit in a corner an weep for being a st00pid inattentive n00b!
  • Add max. revisions to code!
  • Repairs and optimisation
  • Make a TinyAbout for the sidebar/footer
  • Waste some extra time in gimp making a circular picture for said TinyAbout
  • Edit Goodreads profile
  • Make a Bloglovin’ profile!
  • Update Bloglovin’ info
  • Link to Bloglovin’ in icons
  • Visit other blogs, comment, hugs all around!
  • Do not forget what Supah Secret Bloggiesta Craft is
  • Announce the merge on Uit een Doosje
  • Clean out Pocket (ooooh dear) I DID IT! “Just” some resources left! cheerleader emoticon
  • Check what was left to do from the mini-event and add it over myah
  • Check for broken links – maintenance! 😀
  • Participate in a chat but get proper sleep. You’re ill Cy-V! – Fail, but with good reason! It was at 11pm and I was with people celebrating Mabon! 😀
  • Check mah back-ups, don’t want them to be failing!
  • Check out Pagan blog project, #PinitDoit and other events! Soooooo many reading events! And I’m not a book blogger! But I do love my read-a-thons (still writing read-a-thongs 🙄 😆 ). I’ve saved a few, looking for more, thought up a few to host myself (! 😀 ), signed up for the October #PinitDoit challenge, unfortunately there wasn’t any information on the 2014 Pagan Blog Project yet. Any tips for crafty hippie foodie nerdy catladies, let me know! 😀
  • Mini-challenges! 😀
  • Post brainstorming from Alysia @ My Little Pocketbooks
  • Digital Decluttering from Jessica @ Books, a true story ➵ Re-organize my Bookmarks “Blog” folder, (Evernote,) purge useless drafts.
  • My favorite WordPress plugins from April @ My Shelf Confessions
  • How to use Pocket to save time from Brianna @ The Book Vixen. -Looks at her mess of a Pocket- 🙄Already had it all! Left a comment anyway (^_^;)
  • Actually post and link up finish line post instead of leaving it in drafts until the next Bloggiesta event GREAT SUCCES! o/


  • Talk sternly to style.css for allowing the sidebar to sodomize the footer Have reprimanded it, has yet to be convinced to stop doing it. Seems to be bothering the people over at WP too though.
  • Supah Secret Bloggiesta Craft! – Will have to be postponed. Something involving sharp pointy tee-things!
  • Make a recipe template for Met de Paplepel
  • Make a ‘Bento/Lunch’ page on MdP for UeD posts
  • Make a blogging schedule
  • Let the ‘No diet talk’ page lead to info page
  • Make a ‘Rules of Engagement’
  • Integrate social media commenting
  • Fix dat Pry-V page and add a ShowOnce warning
  • Plan my 365!
  • Add Creative Commons license! Derp!
  • Fix Analytics
  • Miraculously get cured from influenzaaaaa *shakes fist*

*Some things will be crossed off when they’re finished during the afterparty! Yes, Bloggiesta organizers, I’m making this a thing. Just so you know!

And as per usual I have more things to add! Like I did during Bloggiesta. Most ‘remnants’ are additions I added Saturday 😛 .


  • Spontaneously figure out how that “linking to a certain part of a page” works!
  • Visit other blogs, comment, hugs all around! – Because that’s fun and important even AFTER Bloggiesta
  • Participate in the chat(s) on Friday, Oct 18 // Saturday, Nov 16 // Friday, Dec 20
  • ‘Pretty up’ the URLs and write the rewrites
  • Set up all these blogging events/collab things I thought up! o/
  • Sort the tags from Uit een Doosje
  • Sort the tags and categories of Met de Paplepel
  • Merge Uit een Doosje with Met de Paplepel
  • Make a recipe index for Met de Paplepel!
  • Change twitter Uit een Doosje to Met de Paplepel
  • Create a separate Pinterest account for Met de Paplepel
  • Pick blogging events and sign up!
  • Make a blogger event-page
  • Change theme MdP
  • Redirect traffic UeD to MdP
  • Remove Uit een Doosje

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