Dewey’s read-a-thon challenges and updates!

To not spam those following my blog/RSS a combine post of the read-a-thon challenges!
The Hour 1 post can be found here.

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Hour 2

Have not read, visited and commented on lots of blogs, tweeted a lot. Forgot my tea. Already need coffee. I’m glad I’m awake! I’ve been up for 24 hours already (minus 3 hour nap prior to starting).
So, challenge! 😀 The hour 2 challenge is hosted by Shannon from River City Reading:

Choose a song that best suits the book you’re reading so far and explain why

I’m reading a Sookie Stackhouse novel, thanks to True Blood Jace Everett’s “Bad things” comes to mind (and truth to be told, their intro sequence is amazing)
but that would be to easy. I’d either go with Disturbed’s “Down with the sickness” or “I am a vampire” by Antsy Pants. Which is totally adorable. Like most by Kimya Dawson <3
There are a lot of vampire songs, mostly from soundtracks, but I’d rather pick one that is not direct or – in Antsy Pants’ case – in such a manner that it isn’t, really. Down with the sickness (before “And when I dream”) reminds me of Bill.

My ex promised to bring back Alexander Skarsgård from Sweden for my birthday. He failed. Consolation pic!

Ever paid attention to the books in True Blood? Sookie’s reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels quite a lot! Ever noticed anything else? Read the book Eric’s reading? Let me know in the comments!

Now, let’s try to read myself!
Edit 16:32: Funny joke. Now, Cy-V, READ! YOU ARE A CHEERLEADER FFS!

Totally appropriate for Hour 3 over at

Hour 4

cheezer pita kaas jam 90s reclame
Having some Cheezers! Dutch 90s kids might remember these.
Apparently this was a commercial from the collective dairy industry. ‘Pita. Jam. A nice load of cheese.’ Uhuh, I see what you did there!
First rule of Cheezer: DO NOT PUT IN MOUTH RIGHT OUT OF THE OVEN! Wait 5 minutes or so.
Second rule: What rules? Try! 😀



Make some poetry. Take a picture. Post it on your blog. And link up to it here.

Bookspine poetry! I always avoided those, but, now I has one! Unfortunately for the international folks, Dutch titles! (The “Dutch readathon-ers list” is still growing! :D) I cheated a bit, because that VHS in my bookcase was perfect for this.
Dewey's readathon bookspine poetry challenge Dutch stack bookpile

De co-assistent
Twee vrouwen
De vriendschap
Een tafel vol vlinders
Ik omhels je met duizend armen
Het feest der liefde
Als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel

I’ll translate:

The resident (medical intern)
Two women
The friendship
A table full (of) butterflies
I embrace you with a thousand arms
The party of love
If you know what I mean

Hour 5

Check out the black-out poetry mini-challenge! Fun! But I need a nap. And to read. And actually some more groceries. 🙁

Hour 6/7/8

CHEERING! ALL THE CHEERING! And a shower, and dinner, and a nap. I’m crashing guys! I haven’t slept since Friday! (minus naps)

Hour 9

Vlog challenge! o/
It’s been forever since I’ve blogged, so quite happy with Andi’s #Booktube challenge! I’ve had fun, but I need to edit, so I’ve entered a ‘placeholder’ (which was brighter on my phone, unfortunately I can’t edit the Instagram video)

Hour 10

Got my grocerieeeees! Well, I decided I had everything I needed and got a thing from the gas station. And I won a thing! I might’ve won a thing? Thing is, it said “Cheerleader winner: Samantha Nicola at Time for Reading“. But that’s not my blog! They’re figuring it out now. Hope I still won, I’d like a bookdepository gieft! 😀 I WON! o/
Will be getting Stephen King’s “The Long Walk” in the mail! 😀

In the making of the video before I’ve actually done chores! 😆 And with all the cheering and tweeting I’ve ‘lost’ half of the read-a-thon. So I think it’s time to read! (Though I really do love the cheering! I’d also like hosting, already spamming twitter as it is. Still not jailed though!)

Update from the future! It’s a vlog!

What’s the read-a-thon like for me? Well…uh…


It took me an hour to actually eat that apple.
Folding my laundry was quicker.
Song is by Hank Green. CD’s can be found at and you can listen to it on the vlogbrother’s channel!


” “

Hour 11

Forgot that lots of jumps cost lots of time XD
But! Hour 11 mini-challenge! Self-portrait!

It’s a still from the vlog =’)

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