Bout of Books 9.0 wrap-up

Bout of Books 9.0 banner And that was it! Bout of Books 9.0, over! I’m still marvelled at the relativity of time, because it feels like it’s just been 2 days instead of a week! Then again, that’s how I’ve been feeling since August. It’s been 2 months since August. (^_^;)\

Now, for the wrap-up! Let’s take another look at my goals and see how many strikes I can get! If you’d like to check my goals directly you can find them here.

Bout of Books 9.0 Goal review:

  1. READ! Because I’ve been in a reading slump – and during the read-a-thons I’ve just been cheerleading – just getting back to reading during this Bout of Books would be splendid. And I did! Read ‘A touch of dead’ by Charlaine Harris which I got (with a few others) from the library, which brings me to..
  2. Library card! I’ve got one again! The biggest reason for me not reading – besides not allowing myself because stressing out over everything was way more important and beneficiary – was not having a library card because I accidentallied my municipality’s ‘coupons’ that paid for them. And I couldn’t afford it without. [Yes. We have bookstamps. <3] For proof, it’s over on Instagram.
  3. I haven’t joined any new challenges and events though I have set my Goodreads challenge and looked into some. I put banned books week on my calendar and am interested in at least the Dystopian challenge. Again, if someone knows some fun (pagan/witchie/vampire/weird/foodie challenge or event, let me know in the Doobly Doo!)
  4. I’ve had contact with Andi from Dewey’s 24h Read-a-thon, my book has not been sent yet so no worries, it’s not lost in the mail! 😀 \o/
  5. I have not sat and read on one of the lazy chairs in the library. I was feeling exhausted and went to the library by tram to activate my card, pick up a book or 2 (ok, 4) and go back immediately. Unfortunately it closes at 5pm. 🙁

soon raccoon gif

I’ve missed 2 – well, 1.5 – but otherwise I’d say great success! And there’s no such thing as failing BoB!
Yaaaay! \o/

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