Spring Bloggiesta 2014 Starting line

“Spring It’s time for the Spring Bloggiesta 2014! \o/ Bloggiesta is a bi-annual three day bloggers event in which we appease our mascotte PEDRO by Planning, Editing, Developing, Reviewing and Organising (on) our blogs. There are two main events in March and September, accompanied by a mini edition in January and July, as well as twitter chats. It is a very social event with lots of blog hopping, twitter talking and general comment lurv! Also snacks. Because snacks. For more info check out Bloggiesta.com!

All updates – challenges included – will be in this post. [Jump to challenges]

Let’s-a go! “super

Goals for the Spring Bloggiesta 2014:

Working on it!


  • Make a new blogging schedule

  • Plan foodblog pictures/shoot days etc

  • Make an outline for app 😉

  • Write and schedule posts!

  • Just decide that color palette you’d like dangit!

  • Plan for VEDA!

  • Brainstorm mini-challenge ideas.

    I have plenty, thing is they are stored in several different places and mediums. Coding is the one people keep asking, so I made a post to ask what people want to learn mostly here.

  • Look at bi-lingual (or bust!) blogging options.

    I have found several solutions on both the WordPress site and forums. None of them implemented yet, as I will seek guidance with fellow nerds and Nerderer on which to pick for the optimal performance.


  • Rewrite recipe posts. All of em. (Afterparty allowed 😉 )

  • Rewrite alt motives challenge. It’s a mess.

  • Notify Bloggiesta website of blogname-change for the Mini-Challenge page

  • Start the redesign-plan of food blog.

  • Move bookdepository affiliate from .co.uk to .com!

  • Change bookdepository links from .co.uk to .com


  • Disable selfpings.

  • Fix favicon.

  • Look into HTML5

  • Checkboxes, how do they work?

    Find out it’s possible to implement shortcode for (image of) checkboxes, like [ ], [.]/[-] and [v], for ☐, ☑ and ‘indeterminate’ respectively. Or something. 😛

  • Post templates. Make em. Better:

  • Create content-related template pages, also:

  • Familiarize myself with pods.io – because that sh!t looks amazeballs.

  • Help Antonie start up his blog!


  • Sort through drafts: what is still useful?

  • Write ideas & prompts in notebook.

  • Sidebar. Still good?

  • Check navigation, contact, searching: Visitor-goggles on!


  • Check for URL rot, 404 and broken images.

  • Linux the iLamp

  • FIX MY MOUSE >=( – Suddenly, it scrolls up again? OHAI! o/

  • Write a proper text for Pinning/tweeting on recipes.

  • Sort through pocket *cough* and Evernote. =X

  • Recipe index for food blog.

  • Remove old revisions.


  • Commentlurving!

  • Chat!

    – #victorychallenged ;_; Times: (can you list in list? iForgot)

    1. Social Media and Your Blog: Friday March 28th @ 02:00 CET
    2. The Technical Aspects of Blogging: Friday March 28 @ 21:00 CET
    3. Organisation and Time Management: Saturday March 29 @ 16:00 CET
    4. Book Blogging/Misc. Blogging Improvement: Monday March 30 @ 02:00 CEST.

    (You can list in lists! Woohoo!) Kudos for the organisers, this is very EU-friendly! 😀

Spring Bloggiesta 2014 Mini-challenge:


  • Bloggiesta tortilla tart

  • Avocado breakfast

  • Tequila? Single malt scotch. CHECK! 😉

  • Nachos

  • Cookies!I shouldn’t have, because they had chocolate and thus milk, but worth it!

Rather long list {40 goals and 7 challenges!} but a lot of those things I’m either already doing or are already on my list, so this is to check them out to see if there are tips I never thought of, or just motivation to GTD! *\o/* Also, to spread the word 😉
I’m just going to have my regular week long #BloggiestaAfterparty for remnants of things I can do easily. 😀


(Those that I thought of whilst working on the list above)

  • PIN ALL THE THINGS! o/ (Long-term goal. Pre-mini July)

  • Inventory of what ‘code’ people exactly want to use. Blogpost-to gather?

    [inventory taking HERE]

  • Category renaming/adding.

  • Make Cy-V.nl/twitter show my twitter feed.

  • Twitter mentions as (trackback) comments.

  • Gravatar for CyV@twitter[.]com.

  • Update 404-page.

  • Subdomains?

  • List people to contact about wrongful use of material 🙁

  • Change avatar photos.

  • Add social media icons that magically disappeared.

  • Fix search icon in menu bar.

  • Adjust sidebar width.

6 Responses

  1. Indeed! Most of them are quickies luckily, but there’s 1 or two in there that’s a day’s work in its own. Eep!

    Thank you, and you too! Will be checking in on yours ASAP! 😀

  2. Holy to-do list Batman! You are going to have quite the weekend! Looks like you’ve already checked off a few things. Great progress! Good with with the rest of the weekend!

    • I knoooow! Which is also why I have a week long Bloggiesta-afterparty :p
      I’ve mostly been busy being sick and helping someone else and going to a birthday (“unfortunately”). But I’ll get some done! I just decided on the ‘All the things I gotta get done!” in general. I always have a “Remnants” header at the finish line post =P And “Additions”, because I learned that if I don’t do that seperately, I will never ever ever be able to complete my to-do list. I keep adding things!

      And thanks, hope you have/had a wonderful weekend too!

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