Bloggiesta coding mini-challenge: Taking stock

Hello WorldIn our recent bloggiesta chat people mentioned they wanted to “learn code” as a Bloggiesta mini-challenge. I’d love to help!
But as this is as vague as saying you want to “eat food” when making a weekmenu, I’d like to take inventory as of what people’d like to actually learn! What do you want to do? What is it you’d want to change?

I’m also thinking about hosting a mini-bloggers study-group, working with Codecademy. Just to have support, motivation and fun together!

Please leave your wishes in the comments, and please note what you are using to blog! (And a link of course so I can check it out ;-))

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  1. I’d love to learn any tips & tricks and do’s & don’t’s you have to share. Also how to work with CSS. Maybe like an intro to CSS. I’m on the Blogger platform.

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