Dewey’s April 2014 read-a-thon sign-up!

dewey's readathon sun moon Cy-V banner button Dewey’s April 2014 read-a-thon sign-up! Event weekend ftw! I’ll have none-event update posts again soon, that’s a promise! πŸ˜€

Blog looks very barren right now, as I’ve deleted the 9 years of content. Yup. So. Dewey’s read-a-thon! Yaaaaaaay! \o/
Happy to report that I’m actually reading again! πŸ˜€ I’ve read more than I did in 2013, which isn’t much as I think I’ve read about five books or so last year, but it’s something! (o)

Plans for Dewey’s 24 hour read-a-thon

I’ve already been e-mailing with Andi, and for this read-a-thon I will be doing lots more to participate in the event! Of course I’ll be cheering, but I’m also hosting hours 15/16 (4-6am local)! I assure you that I am absolutely totally not a vaksy ruler using powers for evil cookies. Really. Why would you say that? Silly human. I’ll be hosting a mini-challenge AND be more involved cheerleader-wise. And read. Oh my.

That said, I want to actually read this time, and to boot I am on a Read-a-thon-themed birthday party! (No none-readers allowed!)
Table full of food and snacks and soft and pillows everywhere and caffeine. You guys know how I like my caffeine.

“What is air?”

Caffeine tangent

My /friends/ sure do. One gave me a jar of pure caffeine. “For your next read-a-thon. You seemed like you need it.” 16 grams. Well I’ll be darned. πŸ˜†
{For those unfamiliar with caffeine dosages, a 350ml Starbucks (“Tall”) contains 250 mg, an espresso 100 mg, Red Bull 80 mg, Mountain Dew 55 mg, Green Tea 35 mg. MILLIgrams. 16 grams is 16000mg. Or 64 Talls, 160 espresso’s, or 32 overdoses/2 lethal doses.[1]}
Basically it’s to have the amount of caffeine I’d get from a cup of drip coffee or a can of energy drink without all the sugar and stuff that makes youme nauseated. If needed. Not sure I’ll use it but it was a hilarious, thoughtful gift.


  • Be more involved, discovering more blogs and people I have things in common with!
  • Read. I’ll actually be using a schedule! 😯 It’s easy to forget when you’re having fun with the cheerleaders and people on twitters etc.
  • Vlog. As I’m also doing VEDA, that should be ok, I think?
  • 20 minute naps on 4-hours intervals. It works, I should do it. Überwoman![3]
  • Read from the pile of books I borrowed/own but haven’t read. They want to go home/be read!
  • Actually be at the party, not just online and in a book. I can be in a book and at the party, but there’s a mental state difference πŸ™‚
  • Read outside!

Straightforward enough! πŸ˜€

Will you join me? πŸ˜€

[1] The median lethal dose (LD50) of orally given caffeine in humans is dependent on individual sensitivity, but is estimated to be about 150 to 200 milligrams per kilogram of body mass or roughly 80 to 100 cups of coffee for an average adult.[2]

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