Dewey’s 24 hour read-a-thon challenge prize winner!

**Drumroll** And the winner is….

Skeeter Lee from Kinky Vanilla Romance!

Congratulations! 😀 (Give that lovely dryer-lovin’ lady a snuggle from me =^x^=) Go forth and claim your prize here! *\o/*

This was such an amazing challenge! I LOVED the stories people wrote, and the pictures of people in bookcases! 😆 And some people actually sad outside at night in the cold, or alone in an empty hotel lobby. Or in the shower. You guys are AMAZING. I am SO proud. I am so happy people were so engaged and we had so much fun looking at all of your entries!!1!

On one hand I am a bit disappointed I couldn’t pick a winner, on the other I just would not have been able to pick. If I had the funds I’d let you all win. You guys are crazy. I love you. <3 If you'll allow me I'd like to post a post(errrr...)/gallery with your awesome contributions! Gah! Guys, you make me gush! Psh! >///////<

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