Read-a-thon Hour 17: An uncomfy challenge!

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Heya, Cy-V here! o/

You all still good?

It’s time for a change of scenery! Get up and move out of your comfort zone! You liek to move iet move iet!!

lemurs we liek to move iet move it icanhascheezburger lolcats funny meme

Experience reading somewhere you never read before. Whether it’s the bathtub or a café, challenge yourself! (But within limits, you should be able to read and not hurt yourself ;p) Make it an adventure!

The other day I ran into this cutie by taking a different route, now how could I have missed this for so long?!
little free library The Hague

Show me your spot using the hashtag #uncomfyreadathon on instagram, twitter and/or tumblr and leave a link in the comment directly to your entry! No camera? Write a short ‘story’ describing your experience!

Bonus points(+1): Show me your favourite reading prop! A pencil for notes, a blankey, a bookmark, a beat up old mug, your favorite tea, cat. All is good! #catladiesofreadathon!

Due to the nature of this challenge and different timezones this challenge will run until the 20th hour, so make it good! 😀

The winner will be randomly chosen from the comments after links are checked, multiple comments won’t lead to multiple entries. The winner will be announced at hour 23, and can pick their prize from this list on! Make sure you’re signed up for the read-a-thon, otherwise you can’t claim your prize!

Ok, that was the infobit; good luck, and go crazy!!

pixel heart minecraft~ Cy-V

26 Responses

  1. ‘Twas the day of readathon and as hour 16 approached, I realized that I had forgotten something. The next day, we would be celebrating birthdays and I hadn’t made the gift for my mother-in-law yet. I headed to the kitchen, book in hand, and made sure that I had all of the ingredients.

    I poured rice, milk, and sugar into the pot and waited for it to boil. With a spoon in one hand and my book in the other, I stood next to my stove. It was time for a long hour of reading and stirring…

  2. I stayed at my house today so I didn’t really read in any crazy places. The most uncomfortable place was sitting at the dining room table because the chairs are wooden and not super comfy.

  3. So, as one can tell, visiting my blog, I am in a hotel right now. So I went down and read for nearly an hour in the hotel lobby. (when 11pm hit the lobby closed). I have never sat and read in one before. Since they leave the front door open, it was could. Seat was comfy though. I have no picture (so I am giving extra details). Black *leather* chair with glass top coffee table in front of me. It was very well lit and they had hot tea to drink and a bowl of mints. So snacks were provided too. But all too soon the receptionist was closing up for the night so back to my room I went. I think my fiance enjoyed that hour though to himself.