Dewey’s 24hr Readathon April 2022: TBR pile

A row of 14 books neatly lined up on a white table in front of a grey felt tote bag which reads I'll Bieb Bag - a dutch pun as bieb is short for the dutch word for library. From the handle hangs a blue aviation tag from the European Space Agency, and an earcase for loop earplugs.

Sooo who else has at least four books in your “Currently reading”-list? This can’t just be me, right?
Currently my Goodreads has 8 listed, 6 of those are non-fiction – I tend to put some of those down for a while, and return to later. Just never for this many.
Part of this has been my hectic last year, part of that was just plainly untreated ADHD. I’ve been slowly getting back on medication again, and the already increased silence in my head (and the therapy that helped that not be filled with dreadful things) has made such a difference in the ability to read! And without it being escapism; I can actually enjoy it again!
But I do feel like I have a lot to catch up on – not just on that list.

So I got 12 books from the library last week.

Leave it to someone with ADHD to overcommit. (And to spend the first half hour trying to tweak her website instead of reading.)
It does give me a lot of options, and Dewey’s readathon does tend to kick off a few weeks of more intense reading even in previous years. I have two months until I need to return the books, if I extend them. We need a Dewey’s Readathon Afterparty Bookclub or something =’)

I do want to make a dent in that “Currently Reading” list on my Goodreads, so I shall attempt to do so. Unfortunately one of the novels on there (N.K. Jemisin, “The Fifth Season”) was one I didn’t manage to finish before having to return it to the library where I used to live, and I wasn’t able to get it here, this time. The other is “Anne of Avonlea”, by L.M. Montgomery which I have on my Kindle so that should be no problem.

The Pile (see picture above):



I may keep updating on my progress for these, I would really like to pick up blogging again.
If you read all the way here, and you also tend to be more motivated to read after the readathon, leave a comment! Show me your blog, or goodreads!

And good luck!

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