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Sundays in with..Catcher in the Rye

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This Sunday was one of traveling! And my family of friends. Picked up by Marius and Ingrid by car, drove to Saskia and Arnoud to drop off the laundry I did and pick up Puk to go to the Museon with him! It’s a science museum with a focus on active learning; doing things and discovering. But that’ll be in tomorrow’s post. I had some oppurtunities to read though, despite it not exactly being as comfy as my bed fort.
I think I’ve done a ‘Sundays in bed with’ on ‘Catcher in the Rye’ before, or the May Bout of Books, but truth to be told: never finished it. But I did now! 😀

Catcher in the Rye
As posted in the GoodReads review: I’m still on the fence about this one. On one hand I like some parts, some narrative. And sometimes it engages me to want to slap Holden in the face. Continue reading


Was working on the font of my blog’s title (@font-face, Google fonts, too many tabs open) but somehow totally blanked on what to do next. “Put in <head>? What <head>? Where? Wha?”
My head stopped working whilst trying to locate <head> =’)

XKCD's 'Debugger'

But apparently it doesn’t matter because it seems to work! Autopilot yay?


I made a video when I had a my lengthy breakfast here (2 käsebrötchen) this morning, but it disappeared in Instagram limbo. I have this photo though.

White Kronan bicycle with wicker basket next to a winding staircase with a love seat bench on top to unwind, surrounded by grass trees and shrubberies. The spiral staircase is three times as high as the bike.
I don’t know how long I sat there, somewhere between 30 minutes or an hour, maybe. I was in no hurry, this close to home.

Sitting in this bench on the top of a winding staircase I recorded a big skein of geese flying overhead and breaking formation to land, birds of prey, two flying swans, wild horses and their two young running and playing around, something running through the tall grass, making it sway. Many many bird sounds – many sounds in general, lots of it I didn’t recognize (what bird sounds like a dog’s squeaky toy‽). Butterflies, a pheasant was startled by me, making me feel like the hunter from Bambi. Dangling bare feet, a moment of serenity in half lotus. All that in 15 seconds of footage, you can imagine how I lost track of time.

People from the narrow (bicycle) path in front of me cheerfully wished me a good morning, sometimes after I greeted them first – most surprised someone actually sat there, forester included. Glad to bring a smile to their faces! One person asked if I was doing an animal count, many expressing their jealousy. I wondered how often they’d gone past this wonderful seat, and the many others that are in De Balij, the Balijbos. Do you allow yourself a few minutes? Do you dare?

Don’t be jealous.
Just take a moment, your moment. Unwind. 🙂

Sundays in bed with…Paolo Giordano and my ex

‘The loneliness of prime numbers’ has been on my to-read list for a few years now, I think since my ex Pepijn went to the movie with Saskia. He was coming over this weekend – in the country from Sweden for the holidays – and brought me a copy (his copy?) because he felt it was ridiculous I still hadn’t read it as well. Gifts! Books! He also brought chocolate on a spoon, a mug with spoon in the handle, pepparkakor and coffee. He knows me well, still =’3 He also brought just a little bit of Glögg, which is still in the kitchen.
The mug has ‘No. 3’ on it, launching jokes about how I wasn’t important enough for a higher number and how this would be a funny gift for a tertiair partner. We already had a gag about mugs, as he once bought me and the girl he dated before me a mug with a sweater cozy, quickly dubbed ‘Ex-trophees’.

When he left I felt a bit nostalgic and melancholic, but I had a wonderful weekend before my multidisciplinary therapy at Second Care starts. They promised me would be intense and tough the first few weeks so I was planning to either get drunk, high, or something, but I did neither as I felt no need to, and had a great time without. But I burned through my serotonine and dopamine nevertheless. It’s winter, so that’s an easy task, and it was a very emotional weekend, though mostly positive.
We reminisced, talked, at some point I actually just said he turned asshole when he broke up with me, and his view of relationships was unrealistic and he agreed. It felt good that I was heard, that he understood. He also changed, which makes me feel happy and grudgingly envious simultaneously. Continue reading

Sundays in bed with…Ronald Giphart and Tarot

I went to the hospital for my the removal of two of my remaining wisdom teeth this Friday. I’m doing alright, it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated, but I’m terrified of the dentist, hospitals, needles and have a bad relationship with sounds. So this was one fun packed trip. The assistent/nurse held my hand for the sedation and the sounds were horrible though most of the procedure was painless, apart from the ‘picking the roots out’. I’m still swollen pretty bad but it’s shrinking and I had some solids today (break dunked in soup and some super soft brownies I made) and the painkillers are now actually sufficient, so doing pretty great!
Thursday I will be going to a reading from my favorite Dutch author, he will be in ‘my’ library, hopefully I will not still look like a hamster. Continue reading

Bloggiesta finish line

Oh no, is it over already? 🙁 But so much more blogs to read, people to meet and things to do! Oh noes!
Doing these things when chronically ill is quite hard for me, there’s a set date and ‘time’, it requires lots of energy for doing stuff, keeping track of stuff and keeping in touch with people, because above all this bloggiesta to me was about being social! Networking!
I often lacked the energy to focus on a screen or plain sit up, Friday was a very busy day for me – Continue reading

Bloggiesta: Book reviewing

Ronald Giphart signing books, holding autographed book up
The first Giphart book I bought, Phileine zegt Sorry, signed over 10 years later. It says 'For the most fun Spamantha I eeeeever met.' He said that at least he could say he was honest for this one 😛
Like I mentioned before I’d like to use this blog to also talk about books and review. I have never made a review in my life, except for little jots on goodreads and bookreviews for school of course. One of the mini-challenges is Five ways to spiff up your book reviews and another Five tips to write a book review faster. I’m combining these two. Now, quite honestly, I wanted to make this Dutch. I’m still not sure if I’ll review in Dutch or English later on, but because this is bloggiesta I want you guys to be able to read my ‘freewriting’ too. Continue reading

Bloggiesta mini challenge: Mobilize!

I’m a big fan of both WordPress and my Android, so even though I already have an app I felt I needed to do this challenge. I’ve done most mini challenges I wanted to do, but I still have two big ones so.. Anyway, the main reason I wanted to do this is to test the app with adding pictures! I never did that, and all my bloggiesta posts start with a picture of Pedro. By now I know the pic’s URL by heart, but there’s no testing there then huh?

I can easily add a picture with that little icon on the right, but that’s only phone gallery with pictures or screenshots you already took or taking a picture. You can alter size and alignment though, as well as the name. Continue reading