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Bloggiesta coding mini-challenge: Taking stock

Hello WorldIn our recent bloggiesta chat people mentioned they wanted to “learn code” as a Bloggiesta mini-challenge. I’d love to help!
But as this is as vague as saying you want to “eat food” when making a weekmenu, I’d like to take inventory as of what people’d like to actually learn! What do you want to do? What is it you’d want to change?

I’m also thinking about hosting a mini-bloggers study-group, working with Codecademy. Just to have support, motivation and fun together!

Please leave your wishes in the comments, and please note what you are using to blog! (And a link of course so I can check it out ;-))

Spring Bloggiesta 2014 Starting line

“Spring It’s time for the Spring Bloggiesta 2014! \o/ Bloggiesta is a bi-annual three day bloggers event in which we appease our mascotte PEDRO by Planning, Editing, Developing, Reviewing and Organising (on) our blogs. There are two main events in March and September, accompanied by a mini edition in January and July, as well as twitter chats. It is a very social event with lots of blog hopping, twitter talking and general comment lurv! Also snacks. Because snacks. For more info check out Bloggiesta.com!

All updates – challenges included – will be in this post. [Jump to challenges]

Let’s-a go! “super

Goals for the Spring Bloggiesta 2014:

Working on it!


  • Make a new blogging schedule

  • Plan foodblog pictures/shoot days etc

  • Make an outline for app 😉

  • Write and schedule posts!

  • Just decide that color palette you’d like dangit!

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1337 haxx0r skillz

Last night I dreamt I had some 1337 haxx0r skillz. Or at least someone or something tried to convince me (I remember a post-it?).
It felt like someone trying to tell you you have boobs, despite never having boobs, yet if you look down you seem to have boobs, but even in-dream I couldn’t be totally convinced.
Now, boobs I definitely do have, but you get my point!

So, I’ve been doing some minor work on my blog and this is how my brain processes. Might also have something to do with a comment Dama left on a common friend’s Facebook regarding being on Facebook (he’s in China) Continue reading

Bloggiesta Fall 2013 Starting line – ¿Olé?

Bloggiesta logo pedro
The Bloggiesta mascot: Pedro (Plan, edit, develop, review, organize.)
I think I can safely say I’m getting better though breathing is still challenging and muscles still aching. Influenzaaaaaaa -shakes fist-) and here’s hoping I can “normally” participate in this Bloggiesta event! Not feeling quite ready to “Yay!” just yet, but good enough to blog, sorta, kinda, obviously. *ahum*

Anyway, to-do list! 😀

Bloggiesta goals:

Knees deep in sh-CSS/codecetera
  • Check and change faulty coloring in theme If you still see any, please let me know! If they’re there, I can’t see them anymore @_@
  • Talk sternly to style.css for allowing the sidebar to sodomize the footer Have reprimanded it, has yet to be convinced to stop doing it.
  • Fix dat footer
  • Fix dat overly enthusiastic tag cloud harassing my footer
  • Figure out why my social media icons are freaking out and making pyramids and stuff My ad block plus, blocking social media icons. 😆
  • Shrink social media icons
  • Remove some social media icons
  • Create new favicon o/
  • Put favicon in root o/
  • Fix dat Pry-V page and add a ShowOnce warning
  • Edit Goodreads ‘currently reading’ widget
  • Waste even more time by having to reupload my theme and fix the child-theme+fonts and sit in a corner an weep for being a st00pid inattentive n00b!
  • Add max. revisions to code!
  • Repairs and optimisation

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I made a video when I had a my lengthy breakfast here (2 käsebrötchen) this morning, but it disappeared in Instagram limbo. I have this photo though.

White Kronan bicycle with wicker basket next to a winding staircase with a love seat bench on top to unwind, surrounded by grass trees and shrubberies. The spiral staircase is three times as high as the bike.
I don’t know how long I sat there, somewhere between 30 minutes or an hour, maybe. I was in no hurry, this close to home.

Sitting in this bench on the top of a winding staircase I recorded a big skein of geese flying overhead and breaking formation to land, birds of prey, two flying swans, wild horses and their two young running and playing around, something running through the tall grass, making it sway. Many many bird sounds – many sounds in general, lots of it I didn’t recognize (what bird sounds like a dog’s squeaky toy‽). Butterflies, a pheasant was startled by me, making me feel like the hunter from Bambi. Dangling bare feet, a moment of serenity in half lotus. All that in 15 seconds of footage, you can imagine how I lost track of time.

People from the narrow (bicycle) path in front of me cheerfully wished me a good morning, sometimes after I greeted them first – most surprised someone actually sat there, forester included. Glad to bring a smile to their faces! One person asked if I was doing an animal count, many expressing their jealousy. I wondered how often they’d gone past this wonderful seat, and the many others that are in De Balij, the Balijbos. Do you allow yourself a few minutes? Do you dare?

Don’t be jealous.
Just take a moment, your moment. Unwind. 🙂

Mini Bloggiesta!

It’s that time again! Not a full blown bloggiesta, but a mini version! And we all like things mini don’t we? Well, you should!
I’ve already been super busy with my blog the past few weeks. I’ve been moving to a new domain, fixing images (ongoing), sorting through categories to move it partially, adding a warning to some ;-), turning a page into a category (failing on looks), fixing the flaws in my theme. And adding one. I accidentallied a space (you know, what you get when pushing your spacebar) in front of some code (the opening Mini Bloggiesta Mini Challenges, you can find it here.

In progress
Finished! o/


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Bloggiesta mini-challenge: alt motives

A lot of you mentioned that you want to learn more “code” and about SEO (search engine optimization). Now, there is a lot to learn about SEO and programming, but I like little effort/big result. We’re all busy enough!
Pam at Bookalicio.us has already made a great introduction to HTML in a challenge last year so be sure to check that out, even to just freshen up!
I will not have ten lessons. I will have one that will aid/increase/??your SEO-score but more importantly be more accessible for readers, in particular the visually impaired. So yes, just one thing, but with a possibility of a lot of work and good results!

I will teach you how to use alt codes, or “alt attributes” (I think of them as little hidden superhero outfits for my images). These are also called “alt texts” or “alt tags”, the latter will put you at risk for being called a n00b 😉
Alt is an attribute to the “img” tag that allows persnickety browsers to display a text instead of images. These alt texts are also picked up by read-out-loud-software for the visually impaired ánd picked up by search engines when people perform a search. Continue reading

2013 mini winter bloggiesta! Starting line

bloggiesta logo PedroI know I’ve been MIA for a while, but it looks like the days are finally long and bright enough for me to..well..Function! Tomorrow’s Imbolc and my hands are itching to clean, sort, renovate, etc. But I have to hold my horses a bit as it’s the first day in a week I’m not feeling too ill to stand up. But that’s alright, because there’s a mini-bloggiesta-weekend! Just 4 mini-challenges, a little patch-up, a little back to basic.
I have no idea what’s in store, but I have a teen here who I’m helping with his profielwerkstuk, a practical assignment much like a thesis for high school seniors, so that’s my main focus today. And I want to make candles tomorrow 😉 Continue reading