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Quick shout-out to everyone, not just those participating in bloggiesta: Read this mini-challenge post on Evernote!
I use it to organize basically everything (you can see that in my comment on the post) and it literally changed my life (and by literally I mean literally, I know what the word means). If you participate in bloggiesta and don’t use it yet: Do the challenge and get the program and app. Just sayin’ 😉

Bloggiesta september 2012

Woohoo! It’s nearly bloggiesta time! The best reason to check out what my blogs need!
I’m actually probably working on my house (floor and wallpaper, yush!) that weekend, but I’m sure I can squeeze some stuff in.

I want to at least do the following:

In progress

Saving for later

  • Print my blog! Don’t have a printer, but PDF-ing it first seems like a good idea.
  • Write alt-texts for my pictures so the vision-impaired can enjoy them too
  • Trace down all none-working pictures.
  • Add buttons to separate the Dutch and English posts and other things for bilingual postings.

Bloggiesta finish line

Oh no, is it over already? 🙁 But so much more blogs to read, people to meet and things to do! Oh noes!
Doing these things when chronically ill is quite hard for me, there’s a set date and ‘time’, it requires lots of energy for doing stuff, keeping track of stuff and keeping in touch with people, because above all this bloggiesta to me was about being social! Networking!
I often lacked the energy to focus on a screen or plain sit up, Friday was a very busy day for me – Continue reading

Bloggiesta: Book reviewing

Ronald Giphart signing books, holding autographed book up
The first Giphart book I bought, Phileine zegt Sorry, signed over 10 years later. It says 'For the most fun Spamantha I eeeeever met.' He said that at least he could say he was honest for this one 😛
Like I mentioned before I’d like to use this blog to also talk about books and review. I have never made a review in my life, except for little jots on goodreads and bookreviews for school of course. One of the mini-challenges is Five ways to spiff up your book reviews and another Five tips to write a book review faster. I’m combining these two. Now, quite honestly, I wanted to make this Dutch. I’m still not sure if I’ll review in Dutch or English later on, but because this is bloggiesta I want you guys to be able to read my ‘freewriting’ too. Continue reading

Bloggiesta mini challenge: Mobilize!

I’m a big fan of both WordPress and my Android, so even though I already have an app I felt I needed to do this challenge. I’ve done most mini challenges I wanted to do, but I still have two big ones so.. Anyway, the main reason I wanted to do this is to test the app with adding pictures! I never did that, and all my bloggiesta posts start with a picture of Pedro. By now I know the pic’s URL by heart, but there’s no testing there then huh?

I can easily add a picture with that little icon on the right, but that’s only phone gallery with pictures or screenshots you already took or taking a picture. You can alter size and alignment though, as well as the name. Continue reading