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1337 haxx0r skillz

Last night I dreamt I had some 1337 haxx0r skillz. Or at least someone or something tried to convince me (I remember a post-it?).
It felt like someone trying to tell you you have boobs, despite never having boobs, yet if you look down you seem to have boobs, but even in-dream I couldn’t be totally convinced.
Now, boobs I definitely do have, but you get my point!

So, I’ve been doing some minor work on my blog and this is how my brain processes. Might also have something to do with a comment Dama left on a common friend’s Facebook regarding being on Facebook (he’s in China) Continue reading


Was working on the font of my blog’s title (@font-face, Google fonts, too many tabs open) but somehow totally blanked on what to do next. “Put in <head>? What <head>? Where? Wha?”
My head stopped working whilst trying to locate <head> =’)

XKCD's 'Debugger'

But apparently it doesn’t matter because it seems to work! Autopilot yay?