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Dewey’s 24 hour read-a-thon cheerleader badge

As a Dewey’s read-a-thon cheerleader you get badges for your blog to show you’re an official cheerleader.
Unfortunately red doesn’t suit my theme, but that doesn’t really matter, I just altered it!

But…Which one to pick?
I like the left one because it’s plain and simple, but the right on has my favorite ascii! It’s even my favicon! Tea! o/
You tell me your favorite in the comments! πŸ˜€
Dewey's read-a-thon official cheerleader badge alteration by Cy-VDewey's read-a-thon official cheerleader badge alteration with cheering ascii

I was also thinking of putting a sneaky little owl somewhere (#TeamOwl!), but I like to be able to use it for other read-a-thons as well, not just this one. And maybe others’d like it too!

Feel free to use these for your blog. A link/credit back would be appreciated.
[But please refrain from direct linking and upload them to your own database!]

Dewey’s read-a-thon October 2013! *o/*

FINALLY! Dewey’s read-a-thon! (Still not read-a-thong. Or read-a-ton, which I do plan on. Figuratively.) I’ve actually been waiting for this! Somehow twice a year doesn’t seem like enough, maybe I should find a read-a-thon for the quarters in between πŸ˜‰ Or other book blogging events! I’m still not a book blogger though. Still trying to find out what I actually _am_ as a blogger as my blog still mainly consists of the gathering of old LiveJournal (and other) diary-like pages. But I digress!

Read-a-thon! Those unfamiliar with Dewey’s read-a-thon: It’s a biannual reading event where a whole bunch of people (mainly bloggers) stock on snacks and sweets, beverages (caffeinated are popular), blankeys, cats and oh, books! πŸ˜† The goal is to read, do challenges and chat with other participants for 24 hours, with starting times depending on your time zone. In my case that means I start at 2 pm, so that’s a long day =X

I won’t just be participating, but I was actually in time to sign up as a cheerleader this year! But, musn’t forget!

Still deciding on my book pile, so I’ll update on that later! Just wanted to share in case others wanted to join too! You can do that here.

Also, if you’re from The Netherlands let me know so I can add you to the {Twitter list}!

Morning cheer!

Now, I may not be a read-a-thon cheerleader, but I just wanted to help them a bit. They seem a bit understaffed. So wake up and DANCE, SING and cheer on them and their words that help us through the ‘wall’!

Now, let’s all wake up and dance and cheer for the cheerleaders and get our brain going again. Remember the lyrics? Not the original version though!

What are words worth?

Dewey’s 24h#readathon challenges!

I decided on having a separate post for ALL the challenges, so not one per challenge so not to flood ones following me via RSS tomorrow morning, but keeping the intro meme/bookpile post separate. We’re in hour 10, and I think I haven’t even read for two hours total. But, groceries done, fixed my kitchen drain, FINALLY able to do the dishes, vacuumed and did all those things needed to be done but that could technically wait. Found my reading-focus though, especially when switching from ‘Game of Thrones’ to ‘Catcher in the rye’, I’m afraid I’ll be saying goddam sonuvabitch a lot after reading it though! πŸ˜† Continue reading

Finish him!

The books I read! (Though, I ended up using audio for The Hobbit)That’s it! I’m done! I still have to stay up for another 8 hours so my sleeping pattern doesn’t get screwed over (and I have an Artist’s way meet-up with friends tonight) so there’s still a challenge for me! I will do a short nap for the sake of my sanity, because I’m dissociating a bit because of the lack of sleep. Continue reading

23rd hour, book to movie challenge!

Aaaaaaaand another challenge! Last one.

Choose one of the books you’ve read during this mini-challenge, and cast the movie! Who do you think should play the main character(s)? Who might be an interesting director? Character actor for a bit part? Do a quick Google Image search and show us your choices. Feel free to give us a bit of background about the character or the reasoning for your choice, or don’t … you decide.

Actually rather hard because the first book I read is informative, the second made into a movie (also Practical Magic) and the third (NEARLY DONE!) The Hobbit. THEY ARE ALREADY MOVIES! And Twelve Wild Swans is basically instructional.

But I am very much pro switching Nicole Kidman for Emma Stone, Sandra Bullock for Emma Watson and who shall the aunts be..Hmm..Actually I think Dianne Wiest especially, but Stockard Channing as well are perfect. In the Hollywood version Ben Frye (Gillians new boyfriend) is missing. I think Michael Cera would be good for that role! Yes.
I actually like that the house is more awesome, as are the aunts, in the Hollywood version, but I do miss that Sally takes her kids and leaves. I would lt her leave the house and move to the most horrible typical 50’s 13 a dozen box-house, and indeed let Gillian come to her instead of Sally accidentally killing her like in the movie. Let Sally’s teen daughter turn 13 and suddenly notice she is more sensitive to auras, take it more in that direction instead of making the entire movie about Jimmy.
Now, I go think up my own movie and I HAVE to watch the original one tonight! Or, tomorrow, probably. Sleeeeepy!

Bookmarks challenge!

This is the 10th hour challenge!

You have two options for your challenge this hour. 1) is to create a bookmark to stick in that book and take a picture of it. This can be paper-folding, illustrating, whatever you like! You could theme it to your book, or just make something pretty (or funny, like the one above). Handmade bookmarks are a great chance to be creative!

Or, if you’d prefer, 2) tell us about what you like to use as bookmarks and why.

My favorite bookmark is one I got for free at my favorite coffee/bagel joint ‘Bagels & Beans’. It has a girl on top of books and a big big cup of coffee. They have HUGE cups of coffee there. I love it. On the backside it says ‘Strong espresso and a good book are the best fuels for the brain.’ Mine still has little teeth marks from when Darwin was a tiny tiny kitten, just a few weeks old. The same marks are in the cover of my ‘Twelve wild swans’. He sure did love biting.

I will be making some bookmarks this weekend! Some simple paperclip page markers I’ve been wanting to make for quite a while! (and that also makes it a #pinitdoit candidate!) I’ve also seen a ‘few’ (easy) felt bookmarks over on pinterest which I really want to make! But I’ll be doing those tomorrow and will add the pictures later, so that won’t really matter for the challenge, which closes in a little over 2 hours. But if you’re curious, save this page and check back, or follow me on my twitter!

Update: A picture of the unfinished bookmark has been posted here.

p.s. On the note of books and paper, anyone else eye-ing this DIY Librarian set?

DIY Library kit – because I always lend them out but never know where the heck my books went! And, well, any excuse for awesome office supplies?

Read-a-thon mini-challenge! GTFO!

It’s been 8 hours and many mini-challenges have passed, only this was one I really wanted to do!

Get out for a five minute walk! Water the grass. Smell the roses. Do some cartwheels in the park across the street. Chase a car. Dance in the rain. Get out your skateboard and do a trick. Ride your bike to the corner and back. I don’t really care what you choose to do with this break as long as you get outside, and get your blood moving again!

I already had a break to eat and move 2 hours ago, did some yoga, and sat on my balcony for a while, but going out for a mini-stroll seemed like a good idea.

So I put down my witchy book (at my second book now, Practical Magic!), put my witchy shoes on, got out, followed by Darwin, walked with him around the hallways (and chased him back inside!), went downstairs, got my bike, got harassed, ignored the drunken lot, took a side-exit, got some gummi bears, back home, harassed again, sat down and called the police.

I’m a bit shook up but fine, they were just shouting and banging the windows. But I didn’t feel safe and this has happened before, so..It’s he 9th hour pretty darn soon and I still haven’t restarted my read, so I’ll be getting back to that! With some tea to go with my gummis. Hopefully that painkiller I took to be able to do this won’t wear out for a while! Back to the book! (It’s veeeery different than the movie, but fun!)